PAK USA Futsal Partnership

Pak USA Futsal Partnership was just announced by the USA Futsal Federation (USAFF) and the Pakistan Soccer Futsal Federation (PSFF). In a historic meeting in New York City, Pakistan Futsal Federation President Hazrat Ali Khan and the USA Futsal Federation President, Mark Edward Brown met to move the sport forward for their countries.

Futsal Partnership Video:

This historic meeting was made possible by several important people who are working hard to grow the sport of Futsal. All involved want to forge stronger ties through sport between both countries.
Those gentlemen are: Mr. Usman Ishfaq who is the Secretary General of the USAFF and dual citizen of the USA and Pakistan. Mr. Malik Adnan also from the PSFF, and Mr. Naseem Khan Alizai (not pictured) of the Pakistan House all pictured below:

Pak USA Futsal Leaders
Pak USA Futsal Partnership

Pak USA Futsal Partnership info:

You can read more about this meeting at the PSFF facebook page HERE

Futsal is recognized around the world as a sport that is great exercise for Men, Women, and youth alike. Both leaders of the USAFF and PSFF agree that their countries national teams will benefit from this agreement. This agreement also benefits club and local leagues for athletes of all skill levels. Passion for the sport, goodness, and a desire to give more opportunities to play is their combined goal.

When asked how he feels about this historic moment, Mr. Mark E. Brown had this to say: “building new partnerships is critical to growing the sport of Futsal. Forming new friendships in our combined international communities is crucial for our youth as well. To leave them a better foundation from which to build into the future is always our goal and what we strive for every day. My sincere thanks to these distinct gentlemen for their efforts and for our new relationship!”