USAFF on the rise!

The USAFF is rebounding from a small set-back and it’s a long story. Despite that fact I will explain more about what has happened. Over the past 5 years the USA Futsal Federation has grown at a steady and deliberate pace. We did not want to grow too fast, and we surely did not want to grow too slow. There were times when a potential state level director or team committed to joining the USAFF only to back out without an explanation.

futsal on the court

In the past…

The last year, however, was the most challenging which I will explain. There was a legal battle with an amateur organization that wanted to copy the USAFF. A major social media channel that took all of our content offline during a World Cup event in Paraguay. Recently a hacker caused a complete meltdown of the server that our old website was on. To make matters worse, the hosting company attempted to blame us for the fact that their security was sub-par.

Through it all we have remained committed to the goal of providing players at all levels with a pathway to play futsal from the local level to the world stage. Our world class international Futsal World Cup events cannot be duplicated. That is just one of the reasons we work hard for all members of the USAFF.

In the present:

The entire USAFF family from the executive leadership to the national team, and pro league staffs are steadfast in continuing our growth at on an even bigger scaled than before. We have new leaders preparing to join the USAFF family as well as new states joining which will make regional play even better. We are in negotiations with new sponsors that will provide more resources for teams at all levels to enjoy futsal at all levels like never before.

To top it all off we have 3 international events coming up very soon which will take place in Mexico, Columbia, and Chile. It feels good to know that we went through all that drama to be blessed with new sponsors, partners, leaders, and talented athletes that will represent the USAFF well into the future.

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