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The USA Futsal Federation is the home of Original Futsal in the United States of America. We exist to grow the sport, educate, and improve player opportunities & representation at all levels.

Welcome to The USA Futsal Federation, we are growing, and we have many initiatives that are going on all at the same time. We want to keep you up to date with what is going on behind the scenes. We also want to document why we are growing the way that we are. This website will allow us to do that better than any one or more social media channel can. To get a quick snapshot of what has been happening, visit our fb page HERE

The USAFF has been in operation for 5 years with a proven method of growth and success. It is now time to scale-up the USA Futsal Federation footprint across the USA. We have opportunities available for Leaders, Coaches, and Athletes of all skill levels. Be sure to fill out the form below to get involved and read our blog page for general information and event announcements being released for everyone to share and comment on.

Show your support for the USAFF by filling out the form below which will allow us to keep you updated on news, events, and activities that are happening now or coming soon: