The USA Futsal Federation (USAFF) c15 youth national team is going to Paraguay for the World Cup of Futsal hosted by AMF, the world governing body of Futsal. Here is a quick video and the Coaching staff and player info is listed below:

USA Futsal Federation c15 Delegation and National Team:

Coach – Mr. Bill Olcan
Asst. Coach – Mr. James Harris

Team –

*Ethan DeRubies
Pivo, Fixo
Height, Weight: 5’6”, 160
Phoenix, AZ
Club – Brusa FC

*Armando Velazquez-Musalem – Preferred Name: Armando Velazquez
Position: Fixo, Ala, Pivo
Height, Weight: 5’8”, 130 Lbs
Hometown: Overland Park, KS
Current club: French Soccer Académie

*Basil Fulton
Position – Ala
Height, Weight – 5’7″, 135 lbs.
Hometown – Lincoln, Nebraska
Current club – Villarreal Nebraska Academy

*Ubaldo Alvarez
Position: Ala
Height, Weight: 5’5, 125
Home town: Mesa, Arizona
Club: Phoenix Rising

*Javier Zaragoza- Javi
Height, Weight: 6’1″, 180
Lincoln, NE

Real Salt Lake Academy, Herriman, UT
*Andrew Rosenthal – Drew
Position – Ala
Height, Weight – 5’8″, 130 lbs
Hometown – Lawrence, KS
Current club – French Soccer Académie

*Beau Kinerk
Position – Fixo
Height, Weight: 5’8”, 140
Phoenix, AZ
Club: RSL AZ South

*Adrian Mak Suljuzovic – Mak
Position: Fixo
Height, Weight: 5’11”
Tempe, AZ
Club – Brazas FC

*Benjamin Ray Mak Harris – Mak
Pivo, Ala
Height, Weight: 5’10”, 145
Phoenix, AZ
Club: Real Salt Lake

*Nico Mangiafico
Height, Weight: 5’7”, 135
Farmington, CT
FC Barca Academy NY

Special thanks to the Braza and Brusa FC and Mr. Kaue Martins for facilitating this historic effort of team selection, coach call-ups, and everything else that goes into forming and sending a team abroad internationally for a Futsal World Cup!

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